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Policy Kitchen


Policy Kitchen is a policy crowdsourcing methodology developed by foraus – Swiss Forum on Foreign Policy. It enables a diverse network of thinkers to co-create policy recipes to pressing foreign policy challenges. The methodology is built on a crowd innovation platform, physical workshops, and a support process to bring the best recipes to impact.

Policy Kitchen is public and allows for bottom-up participation in the political process. Any person, irrespective of background or location, can participate and contribute ideas. To ensure a high level of expertise, we partner with experts and professionals of various sectors (science, government, international organizations, NPO, business, etc). Collaborations with the Open Think Tank Network and other partners allow us to scale participation internationally.

The code for Policy Kitchen is made available as open source software. We encourage and support other actors in using participative methods in their respective domains. Contact us, we’re happy to help.

Policy Kitchen is supported by Engagement Migros.



Selected Policy Kitchen challenges



  • For our first global challenge “Towards an inclusive future in AI” (spring 2019), workshops were held in Bangalore, Berlin, Boston, Geneva, Jaipur, Paris, San Francisco, São Paulo, Seoul and Vienna. Partners include the swissnex Network, the Open Think Tank Network, AI Commons as well as the Berkman Klein Center and Wadhwani AI. More than 90 participants generated 43 ideas. The ideas were first presented at the UN conference AI for Good Global Summit. An advisory board consisting of Jonathan Andrew (Geneva Academy), Amir Banifatemi (XPRIZE, AI Commons), Jessica Cussins Newman (UC Berkeley, Future of Life Institute, The Future Society), Jan Gerlach (Wikimedia), Brandie Nonnecke (CITRIS Policy Lab, UC Berkeley), Malavika Jayaram (Digital Asia Hub & Berkman Klein Center) and Livia Walpen (Swiss Federal Office of Communications) reviewed the ideas. The final paper "Towards an Inclusive Future in AI - A Global Participatory Process" was published in fall 2019 and presented at a multi-stakeholder event in Geneva.


  • Berlin-based Polis180, a member of the Open Think Tank Network, launched the challenge "EU Digital Policy" in spring 2019 which aimed to give young voters the opportunity to participate actively in shaping and improving the Digital Policy of the European Union. In collaboration with the Austrian Think Tank Ponto, different workshops were held in Berlin, Heidelberg and Vienna. The 10 best demands were then selected, put together and published in this final paper "Für eine gerechtere, zukunftsorientierte Digitalpolitik in Europa". They were further discussed with high-profile panelists at the Polis180 event on 26th September 2019 in Berlin.


  • Pilot challenge on Biodiversity in fall 2018: In 7 workshops across Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Germany, more than 100 participants generated 43 Ideas. 5 ideas were chosen by a jury consisting of Pascale Baeriswyl (State Secretary, FDFA), Kurt Fluri (MP, Liberal Party), Alice Glauser (MP, Swiss People’s Party) and Adèle Thorens (MP, Green Party), Renat Heuberger (CEO Southpole), Thomas Vellacott (CEO WWF Switzerland), Eva Zabey (Director Redefining Value, WBCSD) as well as Florian Egli (Vice President of foraus). The ideas were presented to the Swiss Delegation to the COP-14 on Biodiversity. The final paper "Grassroots ideas to halt biodiversity loss: Addressing an upcoming crisis" was published in fall 2019 and presented at an impact event attended by high-profile panelists in Bern.





About Policy Kitchen


Video message from Policy Kitchen workshop on AI in Zurich to San Francisco


Interviews at the Policy Kitchen workshop in São Paulo, Brazil


Interview of Jonas Nakonz, Project Manager of Policy Kitchen, by CNNMoney Switzerland


Idea upload at the Winter School for Think Tankers in Geneva, Switzerland


Issue mapping at swissnex São Paulo, Brazil


Idea upload with Bosch Alumni Network and Polis180, Berlin, Germany


Expert input by Alpan Raval (Wadhwani AI) at swissnex Bangalore, India


Idea pitch with Bosch Alumni Network and Polis180, Berlin, Germany


Expert input by Amir Banifatemi (XPRIZE, AI Commons) at the AI For Good Global Summit 2018, Geneva, Switzerland


Idea pitch with Ponto at the Swiss Embassy in Vienna, Austria


Informal conversations with Uli Sigg (former Ambassador) in Zurich, Switzerland

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