As a follow-up to the challenge on trustworthy health data exchange, which foraus submitted to the Hackathon #versusvirus and as part of our project on Health Data Governance, we'd like to keep the discussion going.

In this topic you can share interesting insights and discuss how #digitalhealth and more global alignment on health data exchange could help fighting Covid-19, and enhance global health cooperation at large.


The initial question we asked in the context of #versusvirus was:

Which global governance tools do we need to collect and manage trustworthy health data in the context of global pandemics? How can we create a level playing field which enables health data sharing initiatives to reach decision-makers?"


First ideas shared within the community:
- Idea of a World Data Organisation that would set common data governance guidelines and principles
- Data trust model could be a way forward - with representation of existing int. coop. bodies

- Look into the data strategy of UN Secr. Gen. Guterres
- Look at BPs at the local level (inclusive ethical committees within gov. bodies; initiatives with data owner representation at decision-making level)