The past three weeks, the OpenTTN organised 7 workshops, with almost 40 members of 5 think tanks involved. These workshops were an absolute highlight for all of us and attracted participants from governments, international organizations, academic institutions, private sector and NGOs from all over the world. We would like to thank you all for all the positive feedback, the empowering atmosphere and your valuable contributions! Together we brainstormed on the question of “What should a feminist foreign policy look like in 2020s?”. 

In this process, over 60 ideas were submitted on Policy Kitchen, which can still be further developed until 15 May 2020. Besides editing your own ideas, please also feel free to contribute to other ideas by becoming a co-author (click “I want to contribute” on the respective idea’s page) or commenting. We now already see a few emerging clusters, which include:

This summary does not exhaust the diversity of ideas and the richness of their content, and we invite you to read through the complete list here. We strive for a comprehensive set of proposals for a feminist foreign policy. Something on your mind that is not yet covered here? Let us know by posting your idea! Also, invite your peers to contribute as well. 

We are looking forward to receiving your further ideas and comments - the more developed our ideas are, the stronger our proposals - and will keep you up to date!