[Description of vision/headline]

Background on the issue your vision is tackling: 

Unequal distribution of pandemic-related products (incl. vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics)

  • Absence of a functional global supply chain and logistics network (incl. in inter-pandemic times).
    • No agreement on type and size of products needed for robust pandemic PPP, costs, logistics for strategic stockpiles, no regular epidemiologic risk-assessment.
    • Limited regional and multilateral purchasing mechanisms, limited transparency in cost and pricing of elements along supply chain (e.g. raw materials and other inputs needed for sustainable production of pandemic-related products such as active pharmaceutical ingredients).
  • Unequal global distribution of manufacturing capacity of pandemic-related products, notably with regard to LMICs.
  • Unequal distribution of research and development capacities of pandemic-related products, limited knowledge-sharing mechanisms and limited transparency on R&D spending


Notes from backcasting exercise:

Collective brainstorming on the following questions:

  • Which policy measures should be taken?
  • Who should act in CH, internationally? → 3 policy angles (multilateral level, CH policies at the national level + through engagement abroad e.g. development policy)


  • Vision: 2040 "Taking Down the Fance in Equity"
    • Pathogen and Data sharing as a Global Public Good
    • Global Pooling for R&D
    • Capacity Building
  • 2030
    • Establishment of a universal purchasing platform
    • Establishment of a legal framework ensuring purchasing by pooled body
    • Equitable development support and funding within LMIC for capacity building (infrastructure & education)
  • 2026
    • Consistent reporting of disease cases of potential international concern (incentivization -> TBD)
    • Decentralization of the production supply chain of medical goods (diagnostics, vaccines, therapeutics)
  • 2024
    • Continuous R&D (tech, AI, medical products)
    • Greater investment into surveillance, M&E
    • Funded through DAH & earmarked contributions