[Description of vision/headline]

Background on the issue your vision is tackling: 

Drivers of the (re-)emergence of disease at human-animal interface are insufficiently being addressed 

  • Climate change and desertification are not sufficiently included in pandemic PPP while they are part of the root causes of pandemic outbreaks.
  • Lacking surveillance systems and laboratory capacity with One Health approach


Notes from backcasting exercise:

Collective brainstorming on the following questions:

  • Which policy measures should be taken?
  • Who should act in CH, internationally? → 3 policy angles (multilateral level, CH policies at the national level + through engagement abroad e.g. development policy)


  • Vision: 2040

Global Health at its Peak: How cholera was eradicated from the Ganges river. 

  • 2030

            - UN-Water / International Water Insititution (IWI) : Strongly relevant with binding power and ensures equitable and safer access to water. (Could be UN Water or another organization that is independent and fair

            - Global network for knowledge and technology transfer.

            - Patent-Free tool to analyze bacterial load and viral load in water

            -  UN-Water: Provides this technology transfer, capacity building, and intervention in water management disputes. 

  • 2026
    • There is an internationally binding treaty, that hight-lights the relevance of an international organization for Water Management that includes a stream of work Science-Diplomacy on water access and health water access. Desiritifiaction should also be a stream of work of this organization.
    • Does this treaty get full control of water management and access? 
      • Every country should report on what have they done and share their work streams. 
    • The organization will be also in charge of acquiring patterns and making technology accessible 
  • 2024
    • Access to water as a global public good recognize in PPP and recognize that public goods should be shared. Recognize the right to access heal and safe water especially under pandemic situations it is ensured. 
    • More media and communication around people to understand the positive values and attributes of the treaty and how water management should be reflected there.  
    • Highlight the burden of water-communicated diseases with some predictions if we don't do something about it this will happen. Also, make public more information or where we are starting.  
    • Raising awareness of how important and crucial it is the potential for water-born pandemics. 
    • Try to involve more civil societies in their campaign and lobbying. 
    • Show awareness and remark on the importance of access to healthy water. 
    • Create a separate agreement where it can be more detailed how the operationalization of the new water management body will look like. 
    • Campaign in UN Water, intervention in Schools, or onboarding celebrities to raise awareness.