How to improve global governance to protect biodiversity more effectively?

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In 1992, the international community agreed on the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). With more than 196 member states it is one of the broadest international conventions. Nevertheless, effective measures to ensure biodiversity protection are still dramatically lacking: In 2014 the vast majority of the countries have not achieved any of the so-called Aichi-goals, the 20 tangible targets to be fulfilled by 2020. How should governance institutions on an international level be improved to effectively protect biodiversity? Should we strive to build new or better international agreements and targets? Or put in place new mechanisms that speed up the implementation of existing ones and ensure coherence among policies on a global level? How can countries and the international community support transnational knowledge transfers, increase funding for biodiversity protection and raise awareness about the issue? 


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And here you can find out more information on why biodiversity matters. 


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