Towards an AI strategy: How can Switzerland make itself fit for the opportunities and challenges of AI?

67 participants start summit ideation | 21 Mar - 27 Apr 2019

This challenge is reopened from March 22-27 for participants of the Start Summit 2019. Ideas will be screened by Microsoft and may enter their recommendations for the Federal Working Group on AI.
This challenge has been completed!

Thanks to all the participants, the whole challenge has been a success:

  • The publication is now online on the websites of swissnex San Francisco and foraus - check it out!
  • All the created ideas have been submitted to the Swiss federal working group on AI.
  • At the end of May 2019, foraus and swissnex will be holding a session at the AI for Good Global Summit in Geneva. If you would like to take part in the event, feel free to register.
  • Last but not least, the challenge has already sparked an idea draft for a policy paper on «International Panel on AI – Institutional Options for the Global Governance of AI». If you’re interested in contributing to this policy paper or if you want to elaborate on another idea, let us know!
The challenge:

Simultaneously regarded as the 21st century’s biggest hope and most dire threat coming from the tech world, artificial intelligence has sparked considerable policy debates in governments, international organizations, and various other fora. In the past two years, more than 20 countries  have released or announced national AI strategies, with priorities ranging from science and education to ethics and regulation. Yet to this day, Switzerland has not delivered a comprehensive and coordinated response to AI policy, other than announcing the creation of a working group on the topic within the federal administration.

To complement this effort, swissnex San Francisco and the Swiss foreign policy think tank foraus have launched an open dialogue on Switzerland’s position on AI with respect to the rest of the world. Participants of the challenge have elaborated answers to the following question:

How would you make Switzerland fit for the opportunities and challenges of AI? What elements should a Swiss AI strategy contain?


Two workshops on this topic have found place in 2018:

The elaborated ideas have been consolidated by swissnex San Francisco and foraus into a public blog post and the ideas have been shared with the Swiss federal working group on AI.


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