We are proud to announce that the challenge on EU Digital Policy has been completed! The final results have been published in the Polis Paper «Für eine gerechtere, zukunftsorientierte Digitalpolitik in Europa», so have a look and enjoy!



Digitalisation is changing the world. The interaction of data acquisition, networking and artificial intelligence leads to changes in social, private and economic life worldwide. Digitalisation is also a central issue for young voters, who should have the opportunity to help shape this process. The aim was to consider how digitalisation can be linked to societal goals, what role it plays for different actors in public and private life and what issues should be on the future political agenda. The challenge question went as follows: What are your demands and ideas for the future European digitalisation policy?


young man

Visitors ask questions and participate in the discussion


This challenge aimed to give young voters the opportunity to participate actively in shaping and improving the Digital Policy of the European Union. In collaboration with the Austrian Think Tank Ponto, different workshops were held in Berlin, Heidelberg and Vienna. The 10 best demands were then selected, put together and then published.

woman reading the publication

A visitor reads through the Polis Paper


They were further discussed with decision-makers at the Polis180 event on 26th September 2019 in Berlin. Together with Katrin Fritsch (Co-Founder MOTIF Institute for Digital Culture), Bernd Schlömer (Member of the Berlin House of Representatives) and Volkmar Stein (Spokesperson Forum Netzpolitik) was the list of demands discussed. The demands “Public Money for Public Codes – Open Source in Administration”, “Taxation in the Digital Age” as well as “Digitization and Sustainability Go Hand in Hand” were selected by the audience to be focussed on during the discussion. Nevertheless, there were space for questions going beyond the list of demands at the end of the event.


The panelists Katrin Fritsch, Bernd Schlömer and Volkmar Stein discuss the demands at the BMW Stiftung Herbert Quandt.


We would like to thank all participants who were involved in this challenge and we greatly appreciate the support of Engagement Migros for making Policy Kitchen possible.