Towards an Inclusive Future in AI

9 participants Ideation | 11 Apr - 31 May 2019


How can we realize the goal of inclusion in the future trajectory of artificial intelligence?


It is hard to find a cluster of technologies that might change our societies more in the coming decades than artificial intelligence.​ In the past two years, more than 20 countries​ and several international fora, including the UN, EU, G7, and OECD, have produced strategies, principles, and guidelines on the ethical development and governance of AI. While practically all of them stress the importance of “inclusion,” “multi-stakeholder cooperation,” and “participation” to ensure beneficial outcomes for people and the planet, few explain what it means in practice or offer concrete solutions to do so.


To respond to this gap, the swissnex Network, ​foraus​, and AI Commons are launching the initiative “Towards an Inclusive Future in AI” as part of the AI for Good Global Summit in Geneva on May 28-31, 2019. Using ​foraus’ ​Policy Kitchen ​crowdsourcing methodology, we aim to collect ideas for initiatives, models, and policies fostering the inclusion of diverse voices and minds in AI. We will explore the research, development, and governance aspects of AI, as all are crucial to realize the principle of inclusion in practice.


The project consists of a global series of workshops conducted at various locations of the swissnex Network and ​the Open Think Tank Network, culminating in a synthesis session at the AI for Good Global Summit in Geneva. All the ideas coming out of the individual workshops will be published on the Policy Kitchen platform. These proposals will be reviewed by an advisory board and presented in a final publication as well as to decision makers at various national and multilateral bodies, including the AI for Good Global Summit and AI Commons.

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