UN@75 - How can we achieve a more equal world?

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Writing the first blog draft | 18 Mar - 14 Apr 2020
Due to the current circumstances because of Covid-19, physical events can no longer take place as planned and the format of this Policy Kitchen has changed. Please find below an updated challenge description, including the latest information (last updated 18 March 2020). Thank you for your understanding.
Imagine the year 2045 and the world is more equal than ever. What happened? Which obstacles and threats would have been surpassed to achieve it? And what role would global cooperation have played? 

75 Years of United Nations - Present Your Idea to World Leaders

For the 75th anniversary of the UN, the Secretary-General has launched a conversation across the world to address these questions. With a strong focus on youth, the conversation is organised in diverse settings through traditional and new media. Ideas and solutions generated will be presented to world leaders and senior UN officials at a series of meetings and events.

foraus, together with the University of Geneva and the Graduate Institute, has been invited to launch the dialogue among our members. During our new year’s apéro, the foraus community has decided to focus on «Growing Inequalities» among the emerging global challenges which had been identified by the UN. 

We are therefore launching the challenge UN@75 - How can we achieve a more equal world? and aim to collect your ideas! 

Unfortunately, the event, at which the winning idea of this challenge would have been presented at, the Geneva UN@75 Dialogue on 24th April, has been put on hold.

However, we will still bring your ideas forward to an audience in the form of a blog-post. It will not only be published on the foraus blog but also forwarded to the United Nations, preceded by a multi-stage review process with the support of the foraus blog team.

How to participate? 

Anyone below the age of 35 could post their ideas online here until the 8 March 2020.

The ideation process has ended and we invite participants to now elaborate their ideas as  a first blog post draft. Please submit your draft to mariaisabelle.wieser@foraus.ch and darja.schildknecht@foraus.ch by 14 April 2020. You can download the guidelines below.

Interested people who have not participated in the ideation process are equally invited to submit their blog drafts on the topic by the same deadline. 

The blog team will give you feedback by the 28th of April and you will then have time to rework your proposition until the 5th of May, final deadline. 

This process is a great opportunity to develop a high-quality blog post with the support of our blog team and deliver your ideas to the United Nations!


Location Date Link
Basel, Restaurant zum Tell 25 February, 7pm Eventbrite
Zurich, Photobastei (2nd Floor) 27 February, 7pm Eventbrite
Geneva, Foound 27 February, 6:30pm Eventbrite


Resources on UN@75

  1. UN75 Survey: https://un75.online/
  2. Toolkit for UN@75 Dialogues
  3. Issues briefs for @UN75 Dialogues
  4. UN@75 FAQ
  5. Article on their partnership with Vox Media
  6. Video produced by Vox Media


In case of any further questions, please contact:

Maria Isabelle Wieser mariaisabelle.wieser@foraus.ch

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