COVID-19 Discussion Group

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The current Covid-19 crisis is the biggest challenge the world has experienced since World War II. Multilateralism is threatened and foreign policy repercussions are important as some States increasingly take unilateral measures to public health, economic, security-related problems they are facing. At the same time, global cooperation initiatives and new solutions for a more globally-aligned response are emerging.

foraus wants to contribute to these efforts by serving as a platform for innovative ideas and solutions in the current crisis. This is why we launched the Covid-19 group on our Policy Kitchen platform.

How does it work? 

There are four “topics” where you can share your ideas and get interesting insights on global initiatives:

  • foreign policy implications and opportunities;
  • how cooperation in global health and around health data exchange can help us address the Covid-19 pandemic;
  • useful datasets on Covid-19;
  • how to reintroduce cross-border mobility in the Schengen area.

Through these discussions, you get the opportunity to brainstorm your ideas with other foreign policy experts.

foraus and its initiatives on Covid-19

foraus has been active on various fronts with regards to the Covid-19 thematic:

  • We co-initiated and participated at the Swiss-wide #versusvirus Hackathon held between 3-5 April, where more than 5000 people participated. 
  • Thanks to our members’ contribution, we publish interesting blogs around topics such as the role and functioning of international organisations in the current crisis or sanctions in the context of the pandemic. Read them here!
  • We are organising and taking part in insightful events about the thematic and sharing our views on foreign policy implications. Through our Think Tank talk series for instance, we are discussing the topic of digital epidemiology with leading figures of the international Geneva on the margins of the World Health Assembly 2020 at the end of May.
  • Last but not least, we explore the concept of global health data governance in the context of the digital transformation of healthcare systems through our project “Health Data Governance: What’s in it for Switzerland”. Global governance in this field is extremely relevant in the current crisis. Indeed, digital health technologies can leverage the potential of health data and provide solutions in terms of population screening, tracking the infection, prioritizing the use and allocation of resources, and designing targeted responses.

If you have questions about our activities related to Covid-19 or want to get involved you can contact our Project Manager International Digital Health, Moritz.