We want governance to be collective, democratic, transparent. We are envisioning a big role of Fintech in this regard.

!!You are now living in 2040!! Write the story like if you were living in 2040!!

  • Explain briefly what’s the success story!
  • 1. Impact measurement of development organizations. Look at new models, regulations. Financial audited reports - on social and environmental impact reports.
  • "Creation of a collective oversight agency".
  • 2. Organizational democracy is bringing more innovation to businesses (transparency, accountability)
  • 3. Development organizations and banks prioritizing access to digital technologies in the developing countries through Fintech
  • 4. Creating and connecting monitoring tools of funds allocation for impact investment


  • What’s the current context (in 2040), how does the world look like, what actors are involved.
  • 1. New international institutions competing with the WBI and the ADB. Eg. the BRICS now. Balance of power shifting towards China and it allies. India being an another major influencer in competition with China in the tech sector. ASEAN's increased role. (Do a key stakeholder mapping).
  • 2. Role of digital payments, blockchain and AI driving the uptake of cryptocurrencies.
  • 3. More democracy at work. Increase in a participatory, bottom-up approach.
  • 4. The future of work - flexibility, cost of worker per worker reducing. More digital penetration through innovative platforms. Cost of data going down exponentially.
  • Role of governments in the economy.


  • Explain briefly how Sustainable Fintech bridges have helped to scale the quest for sustainability in the real economy globally.  Tell the readers what has happened in the last 20 years to reach this point. You can use an incremental chronology of 5 years at a time starting in 2021.
  • 1. Access to finance becoming cheaper with stronger participation from fintech with a good flow of investments. Fintech will act as enabler across organizations


  • What recommendations would you like to give the Sustainable Fintech Community in 2021 to success?


  • Good governance and development institutions
  • Accessibility and affordability