Sustainable FinTech companies which used to be pionners in 2021 are mainstream in 2040.

!!You are now living in 2040!! Write the story like if you were living in 2040!!


1. Explain briefly what’s the success story!

  • Large asset managers and different players don't have sustainable funds anymore - no need to specify it anymore
  • Showing accountability about socio-environmental impact is mandatory for companies
  • Companies are willing to do so


2. What’s the current context (in 2040), how does the world look like, what actors are involved.

The world we're living in:

  • No need to mitigate negative impact of economic activity as all economic processes are env.-friendly by design as they're forced to in order to be able to estbalish a company, be authorised to continue their business
  • We have intelligent cities and companies
  • Actors involved: government, companies, finance institutions, individuals, NGOs.
  • All these actors understand the economic opportunities of taking env. impact into account from the start - so no mitigation is needed after launching their respective activities


3. Explain briefly how Sustainable FinTech hubs, such as Switzerland, contributed to the governance of the global ecosystem of sustainable digital finance.  Tell the readers what has happened in the last 20 years to reach this point. You can use an incremental chronology of 5 years at a time starting in 2021.

  • Regulations and fiscalisation measures.
  • Corruption was eradicated.
  • Allocation of funds was globally improved.



4. What recommendations would you like to give the Sustainable Fintech Community in 2021 to succeed?