PatchMatch is a platform that connects people who want to garden with people who could provide space for it.

There are so many passionate gardeners living in Zürich whose potential is not used because they have no available space. On the other side, there are so many people who have spaces but no time, resources or skills to turn them into beautiful green spaces. 

What if we could bring them together? 


PatchMatch is a platform connecting gardeners with people who can provide space.  

How it works

An individual can register on the platform as a Grower or Facilitator and design their profile with different settings such as - location, time availability, foods that one wants to grow, availability of water, the share of harvest that one wants to keep. Using location as an indicator, one can find their match in close proximity. 

Additionally, other information can be visible on the user profile such as the number of previous matches - speaking for the experience and reliability of the person.  

The application also offers an exchange platform for know-hows, best practices, questions and answers, creating  communities of Growers and Facilitators in Zürich neighborhoods.