A network and proactive platform to support the change towards more sustainable agriculture. The aim is to facilitate access to knowledge, role-models, and experts for producers willing to change.

AgriHub is a platform and proactive facilitator that supports food producers to switch to a moresustainable production. Specifically, it creates a supportive network to connect farmers with already existing resources they need (e.g. existing knowledge, role-models, initiatives and people). It collects and synthesizes an overview of relevant initiatives, use-cases, scientific findings, and obstacles to create concrete sustainable farming scenarios for evidence-based decision making.

To do this, it employs researchers and communicators and steadily increases its network. It is always up to date and runs an easily accessible web portal. It is organized as a foundation where potential contributors are the government, farmers associations, and other foundations in the sustainability domain. Its services are free to the farmers and it is committed to a more sustainable agricultural policy.