Britan achieves

In 2045, we would like the UK’s role in the world to be 

  • UK transforms from a leader in intelligence collection for national security purposes into a leader in intelligence collection for issues like climate change, pandemic foresight. UK becomes a thought leader in foresight on the new pressing issues like climate.
  • Achieve this with a more diverse leadership and capacity for empathetic policy-building
In order to ‘get there’, the UK would need to
  • Instigate a system for systemic positive discrimination. Effective policies? TBC
  • UK to take a more active role in international organisations; fill the gap where US retreats (WHO. ). E.g. encourage creation of international agency monitoring media / social media
  • Post-mortem for Covid-19 response & sharing of the findings
  • Broaden school curriculum (beyond british-centric worldview); media education
  • Be country of high influence in international organisation to monitor (social) media
  • Form policies to monitor (social) media
•To achieve this 2045 vision, the UK should also do:
  • more of using its soft power
  • Less of selling arms to Saudi Arabia

5 key principles of future national strategy 

  • Formed / shaped and consistent & reliable principles
  • Tying growth indicators to environmental outcomes (rather than just GDP)
  • Economic feasibility of UK’s strategy
  • Accountability & responsibility for own (climate) actions
  • Inclusivity on the national and international level