How to maintain an open dialogue between the Russian people and the West?
How can we prevent scientific progress from slowing down because of our emotions about the conflict?

Unfortunately, the channels of dialog between Russians and the West are closing, even when it comes to scientific collaboration. For example,

Max-Planck institute stated that they stop collaborating with Russian institutions.

Also Alliance of Science Organisations in Germany recommended that "no joint events take place of an academic nature or those pertaining to research policy."

Consequently, other German research institutions, including ones oriented towards Sustainability, followed this recommendation.

I personally think that such measures will be a) harmful for scientific progress and resolving big challenges of humanity (e.g. climate change, nuclear threats) and b) can alienate Russians and help Putin to set the new Iron Curtain.

One concrete step that I see is to write letters to individual scientific institutions as well as alliances with rational impact-assessment of their decision. 

Would you like to contribute to this effort?

Do you see any other ways how to keep scientific collaboration?


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