Community Development and Regeneration Programme

SophieT • 6 June 2019
A programme providing state investment and support for local businesses and communities economically affected by immigration.

In acknowledging local grievances and concerns around the economic effects of migration to the UK, this programme aims to promote local regeneration and opportunities for communities negatively effected by immigration e.g. through lack of jobs in smaller, less central communities due to increased migration to the area. This would be through two approaches: 


  • funding and practical support for existing business to create employment;
  • funding and practical support for local start-ups in emerging industries such as IT, green technology etc. to create employment and future-proof local prosperity

This would create economic stimulus by creating job opportunities and economic activity in these areas, promoting community wellbeing, regeneration and cohesion. It would be achieved by devolving more powers and funds to local governments to act in partnership with national government to administer these schemes. It could also tap in to existing regional development/regeneration initiatives. Additionally, it would incorporate the views and capabilities of local civic society such as community groups, residents’ associations, faith groups etc. to promote the reach, efficacy and acceptance of the scheme.