Humanising The Migration Narrative

Harzenmoser • 6 June 2019
Using storytelling techniques and in-person platforms to give the successes and challenges of migration a human face.
  • discussions on migration are often dominated by prejudices and misinformation
  • to find sustainable solutions, misinformation, justified concerns and legitimate opinions need to be disentangled, success-stories of integration shared without hiding the difficulties
  • to do so the national government provides funds for local authorities to set up a video campaign showing the lifestories of individual migrants struggling but in the end succeeding to integrate and start a new life in the local communities
  • to incentivise local authorities to get involved further funding will be released if the video campaign is done to provide means to address problems and challenges 
  • the video campaign and messaging would be spread out on social media channels
  • following the video campaign, a second step would be to have an open space / in-person gatherings that locals could join and attend to create personal connections with migrants, to exchange on experiences and to eventually further humanise and de-mystify the realities of migration / migrant's experiences