AI isn't just a technology, it's an upcoming way of life.


1. Reformed Education System: 

a) Early stage Inclusion of AI in the education curriculum of developing and under-developed Countries( In whatever way possible): Teaching young students about AI and its applied aspects and how it's going to affect the workforce will change the mentality of students towards their careers and also creates an equal ground for these students in global representations. 

b) Lateral Entry based on credit system across all the major levels and streams: 

This acts as a medium for confluence for several schools of thoughts to merge and pool their skills to propel the development of technologies like AI faster. 

2. Support for smaller startups working on high-end technologies like AI - More Grants, open support, and provision of resource sharing with startups to gain pace and come up with some innovative and agile methodologies for development for artificial intelligence.  

3. Central Regulatory Authority - Foundation stones with specific standards and procedures need to be inked which represent the overall good of the members. An index needs to be developed which ranks countries taking in consideration of both resource availability and technology development so that even countries with lesser resources and less than average technology development can have equal say in the organization.

4. Data Availability: Data is a core part of the development of collectively supervised and unsupervised machine learning and related technologies that come under the overall hood of artificial intelligence. Reforms need to be made so that availability and accessibility to the diverse datasets can be ensured for Smaller groups of people working on such high-end technologies across the words. This limits the dominance of giant corporates on such novice technologies.

5. Open-source and knowledge sharing should be prospered with several programmers across the globe. This planet is ours and the technology stack can only get better if we share it among ourselves and open room for further development.