Inclusivity is impossible with a gender bias especially to exclude the different segments of society like LGBT, Queers, Women, Minorities etc, Inclusivity complete with connecting all those pillars.

During my last few years working in the domain with the intense use of Artificial intelligence application I have seen some major challenges especially based on gender, races and geographical diversities which make the inclusivity for AI so difficult that shattered the scope of AI for Impact in future, Lets assume  If AI systems are built only by one representative group such as all male, all Asian or all Caucasian, then they are more likely to create biased results, or just with male or female gender? not LGBT community representation than its failure to solve the purpose.

My idea involves the inclusivity to bring all the genders, communities of people under the policies and technology-based programming and It could be done easily by promoting the technology courses to these communities, more female colleges and university, sample size with more LGBT communities, minorities when the programming is done.  

Promoting STEM in those communities, uplifting them using a different program and give access to free and open code system to teach them. Include more and more members from a given segment of societies to policy-making, programming and top posts.