Making benefits of AI based solutions accessible to the vulnerable population across the world.

Issue: Improving accessibility and understanding about the benefits of artificial intelligence solution for vulnerable populations across the world (e.g. rural, unorganised sector, say delivery boy, an uber driver, security guards, farmers, domestic help). The target audience is heavily reliant on the word of mouth from the connected members in their social circles. Therefore, AI awareness should reach such users through their network of influence. 

Solution: AI solutions should deploy a humanity centred approach; e.g. understand their daily work life, context of the use of an AI solution, capabilities and cognitive limitations, requirements to bridge the gap and provide training needed to bring them up to the speed. 

Scientists should communicate in a language that is most understandable with the target segment and could reach the end user as easily as possible, working around end user capabilities and limitations. 

Who should lead the change?

Digital literacy training, resources for self improvement (education, financial empowerment and preventative health, could be used for skilling, proficiency in english, driving skills), problem based support, avenues to appeal and advocates), relatable A/V Trainings instead of text heavy, Keep human in the loop, AI as a support system but not a final decision maker, centralised and decentralised imparting of the information, use of government employees, bank employees, and pest control orgs.