"The right of a professional training after 50"

Luca Brunner • 28 May 2019
Basically, we plead for a reform of the education system. Lifelong learning

"The right of professional training after 50" (Lifelong learning)

  • Goal: Major change of the education system ("education is not an end in itself)
  • Issue: The access to AI is also getting more and more difficult for the older parts of society. To avoid an "age gap" or "age bias", we should all keep on learning.¬†
  • Company and States have to be involved in providing the solution ("PPP")
  • Each 5-7 years everybody has to take a course on "up-skilling" (to deal with "disappearing ¬†jobs" due to the 4th industrial revolution and especially AI)
  • Establishing more learning platforms on a national level, but also learn from initiatives which are already there in other areas (e.g. MOCC in the U.S.)