Workshop @Berkman Klein Center Boston

Delphine Magara • 5 June 2019

On 28 May 2019 the Berkman Klein Center of the Harvard University hosted the 10th workshop of our global series. Luca Brunner (Co-Head of the Open Think Tank Network) moderated the session, visited by 14 individuals, varying in academic background age and interests. The ideas that have been developed during the session suggest inclusion methods at different levels:


Gender and marginalized population:

Artificial intelligence - a possible challenge for women

Access for low income populations


Transparency and access to information:

How to include customers of AI services and products

Product Labeling for AI



"The right of professional training after 50"


Recognizing Ageism in the Development of AI


Global interconnection:

Bridging the AI South-North Divide

Knowledge about environmental impact of AI:

Real environmental impact of digital technologies (incl. AI)