A participatory committee creates a transparent index and publishes its findings in bi-annual reports and an app where production can be followed step by step regarding human rights.

The first step would be to create a committee made of experts, consumers, Consumer Protection Federation, business representatives. Their objective is to come up with an index/rating of enterprises. This committee has two outcomes. The first one would be to make annual reports to adjust the index to increase transparency, present the best practices, best efforts made by enterprises in their production. The second one would be to create an app based on the index. Each product gets a qr-code that shows the step-by-step production of the product. Each step is analyzed and evaluated regarding the respect of human rights and gets a score. In the app, enterprises get the chance to explain their score and what they are planning to do to improve their score. This is also reflected in the report, if they implement their promises or not.
The point is to avoid the shaming of brands, but rather to increase transparency of the production process. We could also imagine having images of the step-by-step process, and maybe even have workers participate.