Quo Vadis? Launch Event

Wailea Zülch
Wailea Zülch
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Quo vadis? Join our human mobility participatory strategic foresight launch event on Monday December 13, 2021, 6pm to 8pm CET!

Over the course of the past year, the Open Think Tank Network members - Agora, foraus, Polis180, and Ponto in cooperation with the Youth Cafe and over 100 participants from across the globe rehearsed an innovative approach to democratize strategic foresight with a focus on migration policy. On Monday, December 13, 2021, 6pm to 8pm CET, we will launch our two project results: a visionary podcast series and a publication detailing the process and the underlying methodology, along with crowd-sourced policy recommendations!

We would be thrilled to have you with us this evening! The virtual launch event will take place on Zoom. Attend it via the following link: https://bit.ly/3pRL9tt (Meeting-ID: 847 4931 2124 // Code: 723762)

During the launch event, you will get the chance to connect with the people involved in the project, from migration and foresight experts to participants with a personal migration story to share. Together, we will travel to the futures space and discuss the thoughts and feelings that visions about human mobility collectively developed for five fictional personas that guided the foresight process, recorded as a podcast, triggered in you. At the heart is the author's presentation of our four crowd-sourced policy avenues which attempt to foster dialogue and create linkages among governance institutions to reduce inequality, become a more inclusive society, allow for a comprehensive compensation system, and to expand legal pathways for regular migration routes for the purpose of employment.

Looking forward to seeing you in the near future to reflect with you on the future of human mobility for 2050!