We believe that the future should be co-created by everyone who is willing to take an active role in shaping it. For this reason, we developed a process in which anyone interested could participate, and created a podcast series to make the collective images of the future accessible to a wider audience.

In the second workshop of the  Quo vadis? Envisioning human mobility for 2050 challenge, participants were guided to co-create fictitious personal journeys of human mobility for our five personas. These futures were then clustered and refined by our project team. Together with the podcast production company Tinka media, they were developed into scripts for a podcast series. Each episode offers the opportunity to immerse oneself in a collaboratively-crafted possible migratory future for one of the five fictitious personas in the year 2050. We warmly invite you to take a break from the present and travel with us into the futures space by listening to the podcast. 

The QR code below will take you directly to Spotify, but you can also find it on various other podcast platforms. 

The visions you hear are only a few of the many possible futures of human mobility that were developed for our personas. Would you envision another future for one of our personas? Share it with us by leaving a comment below, along with any other thoughts and feelings this sound escape may have sparked. We are looking forward to hearing from you!