Challenge at the Winterschool 2019

Delphine Magara • 6 February 2019

As part of a week-long Winter School for Think Tankers organized by foraus and On Think Tanks, we asked the question: How to make think tank work more participatory?

Participants in the workshop were young founders and managers of think tanks from more than 20 countries. In the ‘issue mapping’ session, it became clear that participation is a very broad concept that may be applied to any stage in the cycle from content creation to dissemination of policy recommendations.

Particularly challenging issues included: How to guarantee quality of output in public participation projects? How to incentivize participation despite the challenges like time restrictions and difficulties in reachability? How to structure inclusive processes in highly divided societies?

Working in small groups, participants created 10 ideas addressing these issues. Everyone is invited to further elaborate the ideas on the platform and to share his or her thoughts.