Winter Sport Industry in prospect of Beijing 2022

Karin Hess 贺凯琳 • 19 March 2019
In forefront of Beijing 2022, there is undoubtedly a trending ski industry in China. We want to work on a long-lasting development to make this trend continue also after Beijing 2022.

In the forefront of the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games, Xi Jinping has announced that he wants to raise the skier number to 300 million within less than 5 years.

There is undoubtedly a trending ski industry in China. In 1996 there were about 10'000 skiers now 2019 reaching up to 18 million, tendency rising. In number of ski resorts, there was one single ski resort in 1996, now there are over 700 (quality quite poor). We want to work on a long-lasting development to make this trend continue also after Beijing 2022.

There are several fields of cooperation possibilities following this trend:

1. Instructions

2. Technologies 

3. Infrastructure


1. Instructions:

There is a general need for a development of a first aid system, based on a Swiss model. Key aspects would be handling of accidents, driving rescue sledges, the use of helicopters (REGA) and basic first aid training. 

Actors: CH: REGA, Red Cross, Swiss Alpine Clubs / CN: Resort Management, Ski Schools, Hospitals in the Ski Area

Training of Athletes and Ski/Snowboard Instructors (already in process), Kids Education - Develop a Sino-Swiss Modell of Evaluation

Actors: CH: Swiss Ski, Swiss Snowsports / CN: Ski Schools, Provincial Governments, Ministry of Sport, Alibaba


2. Technologies

Need for long-lasting development strategies, winter facilities that can be used in summer. Sustainable snow substitution (because water is very scarce in the North of China)

CH: Glice (artificial ice), Snow making companies, 

Transportation (Cablecars), Car-free areas, Horse-Riding...

CH: Caraventa, Doppelmayer... /CN: Ski Resorts, now technological innovations from China (vice-versa)


3. Infrastructure 

"Low Carbon Skiing", "Value added", nature experience, all-year tourism

Service, Hotel Management, SPA and other recreation facilities

CH: Hotel Management Schools Exchange (Hotelschule Luzern), Swiss Tourism, Private actors / CN: Sport, Tourism students

Sustainable Housing: Heating Systems with renewable energy, Isolation



- Sino-Swiss Working Groups

- Winter Industry Forum (annually held in Switzerland and China - Swiss China Ski Association) -> new technology instead of flying around the world

- Online Plattforms for exchange

- Schoolings in China and Switzerland (vice-versa)


What needs to be done on Macro Level?

- Regular and transparent exchange between the Chinese ministry of Sports and VBS facilitated through people and associations with China and Switzerland competence