Sino-Swiss Partnership for Sustainable Finance & Climate Action

Max Vouillamoz • 27 March 2019
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The creation of a bilateral platform between Switzerland and the PRC dedicated to Sustainable Finance in order to promote Climate Action could allow long-term benefits for both parties and beyond.

What's the goal ?

With Climate Change urgency, pressure for concrete action is growing up, as shown by those now famous "School Climate Strikes". I believe that Sino-Swiss relations could be an opportunity to act for the environment as well as offer economic benefits for both States.

As the COO of the Swiss-Chinese Chamber of Commerce said, China is an international leader in the field of green energy and its impressive green-energy transition should be a source of inspiration for Switzerland and other countries. But Switzerland has a big advantage: strong banks and financial power. 

Would should act ? Who is concerned ?

The idea I propose concerns mainly the Swiss financial sector (Banks, Pension funds, Hedge Funds, etc...) and the Chinese green-tech companies currently involved in sustainable energies. Governments should probably also be involved so as to propose a proper framework and academics might also be interested to give their expertise.


What's the solution ?

The solution would be to launch a partnership or a platform where Swiss financial actors could meet with those Chinese green-tech companies in order to promote and reinforce sustainable finance. As awareness in sustainable finance is growing and numbers show that it is a source of big profits (and even more in the middle-term), Swiss financial actors could use their financial power to promote climate action through the funding of projects supported by those companies, thus also allowing know-how transfer and making green energies and green technologies more affordable. For the Swiss financial sector, this would be the opportunity to reorient its activities in accordance with sustainable development.