Promote mutual understanding through academic institutions

Maximilian Tikhomirov • 27 March 2019
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Facilitate swiss investements in China and strenghten the economic relations between Switzerland and China by promoting a better understanding of China on the behalf of the academia's members.

1) What : Promote cultural understanding which will facilitate economic relation; in the long run the elites will be sensibilized to the geogriphical, historical and cultural situation of one another, thus reducing barriers between the two nations.

2) Whom : students are the ones who will be targeted at the end, the academic elite who will later turn out to be the countr'y economical and political leaders and decisions-makers, thus being the first group whcih should be targeted

This can only happen through academic institutions, research centers, alumnis asosociations with the support of the respective governments.

3) How : This will eventually hapen through the establishment of a more diverse and varied choice of courses on a univeristy level when it comes to courses and seminars about the chinese history, politics system, economics and culture.

In addition to that, the chinese language being taught at university should be a way borader phenomenon espicially in releveant study fields such as politics, IR, economics etc. The choice should be more accessible to students seeing as China is on the rise more than ever.

Furthermore, promoting exchange programs between Swiss and Chinese universities way more, increasing the number that students can take, the choices being very reduced as of now, increasing the subventions by the Swiss government for this specific kind of exchanges. More specifically, seeing to that the students are placed in local families to strengthen the understanding and immersion, placing the students in internships when they're there to maximise the experience.

Concerning the institutions, we should favorise associatiosn established in China to promote Switzerladn among the students and academic campuses to  target a specific range of people