Workshop @ Swissnex San Francisco

Delphine Magara • 13 May 2019

The swissnex San Francisco edition of the global workshop series “Towards an Inclusive Future in AI” took place on May 10 at swissnex’s “View Lab” with a magnificent view of the San Francisco Bay as a backdrop. swissnex welcomed a highly interdisciplinary group of 20 participants including people from Partnership on AI, Google, Microsoft, IDEO, Stanford, UC Berkeley, and Swisscom, as well as freelance artists and writers.

The workshop started with short remarks from Benjamin Bollmann (swissnex San Francisco), Mathilde Forslund (AI Commons), Jessica Cussins Newman (UC Berkeley, Future of Life Institute, The Future Society), and Julia Rhodes Davis (Partnership on AI), who kicked off the day’s brainstorming with different perspectives on the challenges facing inclusion in AI. Moderator Eryk Salvaggio (swissnex San Francisco) then led the group through the co-creation of the following five ideas:

Everyone is warmly invited to give constructive feedback for further development of the ideas.
photo 1


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