About Policy Kitchen

What is Policy Kitchen?

Policy Kitchen is a policy crowdsourcing methodology developed by foraus – Swiss Forum on Foreign Policy. This innovative project enables a diverse network of thinkers from Switzerland and abroad to find creative policy recipes to real and pressing challenges. The methodology is built on a crowd innovation platform, a series of Policy Cooking Workshops in different cities, and a support process to bring the best recipes to policy impact.

Policy Kitchen is public and allows for bottom-up participation in the political process. Any person, irrespective of background or location, can participate and contribute ideas. To ensure a high level of expertise, we partner with experts and professionals of various sectors (science, government, international organizations, NPO, business, etc). Diversity is the key to innovation.


Policy Kitchen generates policy recipes in 5 steps:

Cut: Each challenge starts with a brainstorming phase, resulting in a multitude of raw ideas. These ideas are generated at Policy Cooking Workshops or remotely by the crowd, and uploaded to the Policy Kitchen platform.

Mix: The raw ideas are collaboratively refined on the platform. New inputs are incorporated into raw ideas and author teams are consolidated.

Fry: This is the selection phase. Ideas are first pre-selected by the crowd. The Policy Kitchen team reserves the option of including wildcards for especially promising ideas. Following this, a high-level jury will make the final selection.

Simmer: The selected ideas are developed into full form Policy Recipes with the support of experts.

Serve: The Policy Recipes are served to political decision-makers and the public with events, media work and other channels for maximum policy impact.



Our Vision

Developed in Switzerland, Policy Kitchen is a tool to solve global issues globally, through the power of the collective intelligence.

Through a global network of Open Think Tanks (OTTN) and other partners, Policy Kitchen enables real communities in different countries to engage in multi-perspective dialogue and cooperative problem solving.

With coordinated communications to decision makers and the public in different countries, Policy Kitchen empowers citizens from all walks of life to create an impact on the international stage. This will strengthen the role of transnational civil society in global politics.

Your active participation is the first step to let this vision become reality.


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Policy Kitchen is managed by foraus - Swiss Forum on Foreign Policy: 

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Policy Kitchen is supported by Engagement Migros - A Development Fund of the Migros Group:

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