Policy Kitchen as a service


Policy Kitchen is designed to help governments, think tanks, foundations and other organizations leverage collective intelligence to solve pressing policy challenges. The Policy Kitchen process generates actionable insight, creative engagement and valuable networks. We offer tools and many years of experience in participative processes - from engaging physical workshops to transnational online communities. We are happy to support you in the conception and implementation of your participatory process.

What we do

Whatever challenge you want to tackle, our experienced team is happy to support you with:


  • Process design, from asking the right questions to creating impact

  • Online tools, right here on policykitchen.com or on your own instance

  • Project management, from conception to action and evaluation

  • Outreach, community building and engagement

  • Workshop and event design, management and facilitation (physical & virtual)

  • Issue management, research and publishing


Members of the Open Think Tank Network get most of these services for free.

What we offer

More than 1300 international innovators and experts on a wide range of issues have already joined our community. Become part of our platform and benefit from:


Collective intelligence: Solve your challenges with the collective intelligence of a diverse crowd. We bring together senior experts and youth with different perspectives and geographies in a collaborative innovation process.

Participatory foresighting: Explore trends, risks and opportunities with insights from the general public and cross sectoral experts. We support your decisions today with collective visions of the future.

Consultations and stakeholder dialogues: Get feedback, ideas and opinions from the public or a specific group of stakeholders. We offer tools and facilitation for your process.

Vibrant communities: Give your fellow, alumni or thematic community a home on Policy Kitchen. We help with a range of engaging virtual and physical formats to foster exchange and shared identity.

Our Service Packages

Want to work with our platform?

Check out our service packages, perfectly tailored for your needs:

Platform access

The platform access service enables you to independently manage your participatory process and community on Policy Kitchen.

Platform access & basic support

A proper design is the key to any successful participatory process and online discussions. We support you by asking the right questions and help you tailor your process according to your goals, stakeholders and resources.

Custom services

We can implement your entire project or individual components using the Policy Kitchen platform. Alternatively, we can equip your staff with the necessary skills. You can choose from a wide range of services that are tailored according to your needs.

Key features of the platform

  • Challenges: Challenges enable you to run a structured open ideation process around a specific challenge question or issue. A challenge is time-bound and objective-oriented (e.g. a publication or project). 
  • Groups: The groups feature allows you to engage collaborative communities. Groups are usually structured around specific topics. A range of features such as events, group stream and messaging help engage the community and facilitate exchange. 
  • Collaborative text: Participants can develop ideas together in real-time. The collaborative text enables participatory drafting of ideas and entire documents, as well as consultations based on existing documents. 
  • Mobile app: The mobile apps makes it easy for participants to stay engaged with notifications and messaging. 
  • Accessibility: You can decide whether your group or challenge is public or accessible for specific people only. 
  • Open source: The Policy Kitchen software is open source and it is continuously evolving. foraus is part of a vibrant community of developers that join forces to co-create the best experiences in participatory methods.


Do you have further questions? Contact us.

Benjamin Bollmann

Fmr. Deputy CEO, swissnex San Francisco


«Policy Kitchen made it easier to collect a wide range of perspectives into one place and operate the campaign on a global level. From where we stand in Silicon Valley, we clearly see the potential for more initiatives like that in the global tech governance landscape, where Switzerland acts as a neutral convener and builds bridges across actors and boundaries.»


Giulietta Duyck

International Policy Manager, WWF Switzerland


«I really like the format of Policy Kitchen and I think it’s a great way to tackle today's challenges because it’s based on inclusive and participatory decision-making. You get ideas from a very broad spectrum of people with various backgrounds. And I think it’s really that ingredient that makes Policy Kitchen interesting and special.»

Markus Wüest

Head of section Environmental Monitoring, Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN)


«Thanks to Policy Kitchen, we were able to plan, conduct and document a virtual conference with numerous workshops in a short time. With the help of Policy Kitchen we were able to discuss and document 33 ideas for shaping a sustainable digital world without the participants having to meet in a common space in person. A very good collection of ideas was created in a very short time, which we can now analyse in-depth with our partners. A white sheet of paper is definitely more difficult to fill with meaningful content than the Policy Kitchen idea sketches.»