How to handle sensitive data is a complex and rather unknown issue at the moment. We propose a knowledge hub for interested persons where all information is brought together and made available.

Whats the issue?

Currently there is neither a clear regulatory framework nor an ethical one on how to handle sensitive data e.g. banking and medical records (including data collection, usage, anonymity). To establish such a framework is one thing but an even bigger issue is how to transpose the framework and make it available in a quick manner and easily understandable.

What's the solution?

After the ethical and regulatory frameworks have been established we propose to build up a knowledge hub on sensitive data. This knowledge hub is meant to be used as an on-boarding platform for interested students, startups and corporates alike. 

The knowledge hub should include a TLDR section with the most vital information an extensive FAQ for arising questions and the option to consult an expert on the topic if there are still things which need to be clarified. In cooperation with partners from the private sector we propose to make online workshops, ask me anything sessions and if needed 1-to-1 meetings.

Education on the topic should be implemented by the department of education and a mandatory subject in secondary schools.

Another essential part of the knowledge hub would be to provide such datasets, which include anonymized, tested, risk-neutral sensitive data and show how you should work with such sets in form of tutorials, best practices and small challenges to incentivize usage. The knowledge hub could be used in a second step to provide an open data platform with challenges to incentivize usage by interested persons and in general rise awareness on the topic. This could be achieved by working together with hackathon organizers which include the datasets in their challenges.

Think tanks play an important role as well and should encourage public discussion on the topic of privacy, regulation, risks and opportunities.

The most important part we would like to emphasize is that the knowledge hub has to clarify this complex and multi-layered issue.

Who should act?

After the establishment of the underlying frameworks the Department of education should create this knowledge hub in cooperation with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. After the initial creation of the platform partners from the private sector should be involved and able to give inputs from their own expertise. The knowledge hub can then be subsequently expanded and include more and more datasets which can be used. 

Secondary schools in general should implement mandatory classes on how to work with arising technology.