Switzerland to implemente a high-profile project in using worldwide health data in a responsible and sustainable way.

AI powered systems will bring better better healthcare and wellbeing to a lot of people worldwide in future times. In the same time those systems will collect a lot of data about individuals. Without proper goverance and in the wrong hands the data will on the other hand disadvantage the same people or allow data handlers to gain control over people an take an undeserved advantage.

Switzerland with it's long standing history of outstanding healthcare and a function system of checks and balances is destined to spearhead a worldwide project for the responsible use of health data and for appropriate data security. The country is capable of to establish a system that not only provides a solution for itself but for all other countries, region etc willing to establish a fair system of health data usage.

For this high-profile project Switzerland can tap into existing know-how and capacities in digital health, data storage and data security at universites, in authorities and in private companies.

By implementing such a project Switzerland can enhance its own technological know and be at the forefront of establishing new business models in the era of AI.