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Policy Kitchen is a policy crowdsourcing methodology that enables a diverse network of thinkers to find creative policy recipes to real and pressing challenges.

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We strive for an open and inclusive policy making. We invite you to participate and contribute with your ideas to one of our latest policy challenges or join one of our thematic groups.

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Quo Vadis? Envisioning human mobility for 2050

Envision with us what the future of human mobility may look like by attending our upcoming workshop series where you will immerse yourself in the experiences of five fictitious personas. Join us and engage with inspiring input from high-level panelists and discuss the future of human mobility with diverse participants from across the globe.

Climathon Zurich

Contribute to finding innovative & local solutions for the global climate emergency. Apply with an existing idea, as a startup or a motivated individual, ready to #TakeAction for our climate.

What should a feminist foreign policy look like in the 2020s?

As the global system reels in the context of environmental catastrophes, staggering levels of inequality, conflict, and confrontational political leadership, the need for a transformative and more inclusive foreign policy seems evident. 

Global Health Group

The current Covid-19 crisis is the biggest challenge the world has experienced since World War II. It shows the importance of global health as a crucial topic in internal relations at large.