Setting up framework for participating in BRI

Charlotte Lenz • 27 March 2019
How can Switzerland create a strategic framework regarding the BRI

What is the goal, and how can it be achieved?

More transparency on what the BRI interests are

1. Identify the points of cooperation and divergence (checklist)

- which sectors

- what conditions - standard-setting (checklist)

- invest in expertise (within Switzerland, in cooperation with EU think tanks, experts, etc ) with regards to better understand China's interests with regards to BRI, and what opportunities/challenges the BRI would bring

a. which points need to be mentioned 

2. Identify how Switzerland can participate more in BRI-related institutions:

a. what could Switzerland bring 

b. What should Switzerland insist on (transparency - in which ways, through what monitoring mechanisms, promoting what step-by-step* process, litigation within the BRI in case of disagreement, promote Swiss banking expertise and increase Swiss role within AIIB, setting up (and/or promotion) of environmental standards and monitoring systems

c. How Switzerland can act as a bridge between the PRC and EU countries?

understanding the goal of BRI in European countries, as well as to what extent Italy can be used as a precendent to understand the BRI goal in European countries

d. How can Switzerland achieve this goal, where both interests (of China and of European state partners) are respected; be an example/give insight

how can Switzerland situate itself between EU's position ('strategic competitor') and Chinese interests

--> continue to improve Switzerland as a strategic gateway towards EU (neutrality as a big plus)

*find right angle in participating in the BRI


Who is involved? (which actors would have to be targeted)

Swiss companies

Swiss government****

Swiss universities (research experts - Security, Political Economy, 

other economic institutions - AIIB (Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank) --> make standards of participation in (checklist)