AI Budget allocation - R&D + Training and Education

Caue Castellani • 28 May 2019
Allocation of a specific budget by the governments and by the main industries which has been investing in AI to cover its issues and solutions through research & development and training & education.

Artificial Intelligence has been improving business and society around the world by optimizing the means of production and facilitating people's day-to-day lives. On the other hand, there are several issues provoked by AI related to ethics, data protection, and even to unemployment.

In order to cover these issues, the idea consists of allocating a specific budget by the government with direct input from the major industries that have invested in AI technology. This amount will be reverted to research and development such as the identification of new professions and skills of the future. The proposal is also to extend the investment to create training centers in order to empower society to the new market. Professionals who lost their jobs due to technology substitution and young students would have this space as a center for developing new skills and learning about these new professions.


overview AI budget allocation
overview AI budget allocation