At the beginning of the game, you'll find yourself on a far-flung island with scant resources. There, you'll lay the groundwork for turning a barren island into a thriving metropolis. At the outset, you'll want to construct a home and populate it with people. After developing into a small town, your settlement has the potential to grow into a thriving city.

Take City Island 3 Anywhere You Go

Unlocking new structures in City Island 3 takes time and effort. Cities and towns can be built on a variety of different landscapes, including volcanic islands, swamps, deserts, and more. Create your ideal city, keeping in mind the interplay between employment opportunities, population growth, and residents' overall satisfaction. Keep your city's residents content by building employment, gathering pirate loot, and decorating with fantastical ornaments. This will lead to a greater influx of gold and silver from your happy subjects.

Construct New Structures Around Town.

In addition to construction, you'll have to complete tasks and respond to citizen criticism. You may make your city your own by adding rivers, train tracks, parks, pathways, and more than two hundred other exciting features. City Island 3 has been well received by players all across the world. Expand your city across land and sea by upgrading your city's buildings, and use those unlocked modes of transportation to visit new islands.

What You Can Expect From City Island 3

Construct a magnificent city on your island and decorate it to your liking.

There are over 300 one-of-a-kind, aesthetically pleasing implements available.

Build up your town with loot from pirate chests, gold, and currency.

Make money off your properties.

Offline play is possible.

This simulation game is great fun because it's filled with exciting quests and treasure chests. In this city-building adventure, you'll get to take on hard missions that will pay off with fantastic rewards and new levels of success.


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