Environment & Values

Maria Milenova • 14 September 2020
In 2045, environment degradation might lead to increased inequality, starvation and reduced biodiversity. The UK should have the responsibility as a formal colonial power to rectify some of this.

Changing the narrative around environment and culture will be key. Individual nation stations will want to have their own solutions (e.g. Japan, looking after their own environment). This will risk international cooperation and collaboration with other nations, forgetting that what happens to world has a global impact and repercussions in other places. Isolationism will also exacerbate the lack of resources and have severe outcomes in the long run.

The values and stories we tell ourselves will determine how we behave. A paradigm shift towards a believe system that is focused on an idea of a "human internet", a network of cooperation. How we interact with social and historic concepts such as individualism, race and religious affiliations. Readdressing these issues is how we can reach a more just society.  

Realign our system of values, assigning meaning to the important issues in society (e.g. chopping down a tree should be considered as a resource as well as a living organism). There is an opportunity for the UK to be a leader with such an interdependent approach as alternative to isolationism and populism.