Power Asymmetry: The problems of the AI are the problems of society and AI will increase the gap between empowered and unempowered.

The impacts of AI are all too often felt first by marginalized groups. How can we include their input in the decision-making process of governance? We must work with grassroots groups who have a history and relationship in working with diverse communities that are inclusive of the global poor. Including grassroots groups in the decision-making process can not be a one-way street. Diverse xperiences are beneficial for all involved.

Looking to Eastern concepts of an organizational philosophy like the Tao, we can see that there should be a balance of exchange. A fellowship program that is bi-directional embodies these concepts. Grassroots groups working with marginalized communities send fellows to AI policy centers and Ploci and governance organizations send fellows to the grassroots groups. 

Funding and governance - TBD.