A process standard to ensure inclusiveness in global governance of AI (and elsewhere).

Issue: Lack of inclusive process to inform national delegations to multilateral fora. Even assuming we will create a multilateral body for the global governance of artificial intelligence, national delegations may not represent the views of all relevant stakeholders within their constituency.


Solution: A new global standard for inclusive processes, support for the adoption by governments, and a lean monitoring body. The standard should cover all steps from identifying stakeholders (including underrepresented voices), ensuring stakeholder participation and deliberative decision making. Support may include training and toolkits for government officials as well as digital tools for implementing the standard process (open source). Governments will be further incentivised to adopt the standard through the use of a process label and publishing usage statistics.

Who should act: The UN High-Level Panel on Digital Cooperation should convene a diverse working group tasked with developing the standard in collaboration with the International Standards Organization (ISO). The group should also support the establishing of a monitoring body and support mechanisms. The reason is that the panel will have more clout to mainstream the publishing of standard usage by national representations. 

Obviously, such a standard could also be used by other actors such as corporations etc. 


Additional thought: yeah this is really nice!