The education in the field of computer science is not appropriate for our times. This excludes the younger generations to participate equally on the development of ethnical responsible AI.

What is our goal? - Equality within the group of students and pupils. Everyone need the same basic knowledge about computer science. Therefore we ne a systematic approach to teach computer science from the beginning of the school carrier till the end of the student time.


What do we need to fulfil it?

1) We need the best possible education for the young generation. Therefore we need qualified teachers and professors which are able to teach the state of the art computer science/AI. In the first step we need to qualify teachers and professor. This further training should be mandatory and free of charge.  On top of we need to make the topic more popular, otherwise teacher won't be attracted to learn about AI themselves. 

2) We need to restructure the way we educate computer science. To teach it more efficiently we need 90 minutes school hours (block teaching), excursions and project days/weeks, to better have the chance to impart not only the theoretical knowledge but also the practical one.

3) We need interdisciplinary research and interdisciplinary academic subjects to meet the requirements of a modern business environment.