Data protection improved in CH


We want to have data safety, but we do not feel like data sovereignity is still in out hands. Even if we share our data, we still want to control it. We are Aware, that more data is needed for a bright AI future, but we want to know what happens with our data points. 



There should be the possibility to check what Kind of data is collected and if we wish to it should be deleted. Futhermore, we opt for workshops and tutorials how the online data can be deleted individually. Also there should be clear communication on who will receive the data and what is done with it. 



The Swiss parliament passes a law or Regulation on data protection. The federal council is responsible for carrying out the new law with search engines. Futhermore, the federal commission for data protection should be increased. The search engines should provide Access to all the collected data and allow to delete it any point in time.