Policy Cooking Days

Participate at a Policy Cooking Day!

In addition to the digital platform, Policy Kitchen offers the opportunity to participate at one of our Policy Cooking Days. We truly believe that physical meeting-ups are important in creating a  lively community and in exchanging ideas. At each Policy Cooking Day participants get the chance to exchange their ideas and knowledge not only with each other but also with distinguished experts. 

Thus far, the workshops are mostly limited to various Swiss cities. However, we have also had the opportunity to travel to Berlin and Vaduz as part of the biodiversity challenge. In addition, we created a challenge on a Swiss AI strategy in cooperation with swissnex. Thus, we set up a Policy Cooking Day in San Francisco as well! 

Policy Kitchen strives to expand the Policy Cooking Days globally - maybe the next one will be in your city! 

Keep an eye out for the next Policy Cooking Day! 


What does a typical Policy Cooking Day look like?

Starting with the initial welcome round, we then give the floor to our distinguished experts. They provide a short input about the status-quo and the main challenges in the field. This input aims to bring everyone on the same page about the challenge.


Policy Kitchen Experts


Following the expert’s input, we start the issue mapping. Here, we invite all participants to think about the challenges in the field and to write them down on a post-it. For example.: lack of awareness or political will. We then cluster all issues and form teams of 2-3, who then take on one issue. 


policy kitchen


The teams now brainstorm about potential ideas and solutions regarding the issue at hand. They also discuss on what idea they want to focus on.


Policy Kitchen Ideation


Each team puts the outcome of their discussion and their ideas onto the platform. This way, nothing gets lost and anyone is invited to comment and to further work on the idea. This is the beauty of Policy Kitchen. We are not confined to physical spaces. 


Policy Kitchen


Lastly, we invite all participants to pitch their ideas. This way we enable a wider discussion and exchange of ideas among participants. 


Policy Kitchen


The output of each Policy Cooking Day will be uploaded onto the platform in form of ideas. We highly encourage everyone to engage, comment and share their ideas.