Over 70 ideas were submitted to Policy Kitchen in the past two months. Analyzing all existing ideas, the publication core team defined 5 chapters, in which participants’ ideas will be embedded. All ideas were assigned to thematic clusters according to their content. During the further writing process, however, ideas might flow into other chapters too. Each chapter is led by one think tank but writing groups consist of people from different think tanks. 

We are looking forward to refining these existing ideas with you during the Feminist Foreign Policy Workshop 2.0 on 18 June 2020. Sign up is still open: Register here!

Find the chapters and ideas in the following: 

Chapter 1 - Intersectionality, Representation and Methodology

Chapter lead: Polis180

Chapter 2 Physical and Mental Safety, and Autonomy 

Chapter lead: Argo 

Chapter 3 -  Environment and Climate Change

Chapter lead: Ponto

Chapter 4 - Peace and Security

Chapter lead: Agora 

Chapter 5 - Trade, Economy and Informal Work

Chapter lead: foraus